Working toward a sustainable UW-EC

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About This Blog

"Working toward a Sustainable UW-Eau Claire" was established to publish news of sustainability initiatives that are happening on our campus.  Individuals with ties to parts of campus that are known to be active in such initiatives have been invited to contribute to the blog; we will surely be adding more bloggers as they become known to us and as this work expands! 

The blog also serves as a kind of public bulletin board for those interested in exploring initiatives that are not yet happening here, but which seem appropriate.  Say that your area has identified something on campus that you think could be changed for the better--perhaps a move away from so much PAPER coming into everyone's mailboxes.  To find out who in the community is also interested in this discussion, you can post a call to the blog. Get a group together and take it from there.  Or if your area already has a project designed and would like to put out a call for volunteers, you can write a post for that.

As I hope these examples make clear, this blog is intended to help create connections and nurture community. It extends the scope of the sustainability fellow's ability to coordinate the important work that improves our place on the planet--here on the banks of the Chippewa River.