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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clean Commute Initiative Plans Future Undertakings

The Clean Commute Initiative had a meeting on March 11th and developed a list of possible undertakings to be pursued in the upcoming months. These efforts are aimed at improving opportunities for students, faculty and staff to utilize transportation methods outside of automobiles.

Ideas discussed include 1) contacting local bike shops to perform bicycle tune-ups at reduced prices or at free clinics on campus, 2) develop methods for weatherized (read "dry") storage and parking for bikes, 3) bike lockers for secure bike storage, 4) integrate alternative transportation ideas with any new building design and siting, 5) improve pedestrian/bike/board/blade friendliness around campus to allow for safer use of existing facilities. Discussion also included alternative transportation promotional poster campaigns and bicycle loaning programs.

While these ideas are formulative, our enthusiasm is buoyed by the success of our Clean Commute brochure which outlines the transportation alternatives available in our community and the letter to incoming freshman signed by the Chancellor in which he promotes a car-less stay while here in Eau Claire. Both of these items are included in the packets sent to new students upon their acceptance to the University.

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